Sweet Female Attitude rose to prominence in 1999 after a white label remix of their song ‘Flowers’ began to make waves on the UK Garage scene.  After being spotted by A&R Manager Gordon Charlton in early 1998, the group then consisting of three members signed a record deal with Cutfather and Joe recordings and Reverb Records which led to label manager Mark Lusty commissioning a remix of the ballad ‘Flowers’ by producer Ceri Evans from Sunship.   

The early history of the band would see many changes and after signing their first record deal, the band went from three members consisting of Leanne Brown, Sarah Bridgewood and Martin Green, to two members by the point of their first release: Leanne Brown and Catherine Cassidy.  After a period of chaotic management representation which fell apart in April 2000, the membership of the band would remain solid until Catherine took a step back in December 2014, at which point Leanne continued to perform and write music for Sweet Female Attitude with her husband, DJ and Producer Nekxtman. 

Following their initial chart success and in the absence of management support, Leanne and Catherine were supported by their record label Reverb and spent much of their time in Denmark and Germany recording their first album and promoting the UK Garage genre across Europe.  Somewhat disconnected from their UK fanbase, they would release a further single in the UK and then a third single and album in Germany which was later re-released globally by Reverb Records in September 2015.

In the years following the release of their album in 2001, Leanne and Catherine would continue to perform and write music under numerous guises including Sweet Female Attitude, The Koozooz.and Cassie Brown.  An official remix of ‘Flowers’ by DJ and producer Jamie Duggan was released on Universal Music in 2009, leading to the group undertaking a UK tour.

In 2015, DJ and Producer Nekxtman joined SFA adding a different dimension to the live shows and with an invigorated UK Garage scene and a range of new covers from both Leanne’s solo releases and SFA’s bootlegs, Sweet Female Attitude saw an influx of bookings across the UK and Europe.  A further remix package of ‘Flowers’ was released that same year which included remixes by House legend Sam Divine and Curtis Gabriel along with mixes by Majestic & That Guy, Freejack and ANOTR.  The release saw further global success within the underground house scene.  Sweet Female Attitude would go onto release further singles with South African producers Beebar & Symphonik and a further eight singles in 2017, collaborating with UK house producers eSquire, Reload, & the Peverell Brothers; French producer Rio De La Duna, and UK Garage producers Control-S resulting in their track ‘I Quit’ being featured on the Majestic Pure House & Garage 2 compilation.

In 2018 there were a further five singles and two EP’s by Sweet Female Attitude seeing collaborations with the band Platnum and numerous DJ’s & Producers including underground artists Ill Phil, Danny Blaze, Rick Live, Joe Hunt, Soulecta and No F in Irony.  An October release by Krept & Konan also featured a sample from the 2000 single “Flowers”.  2019 saw Sweet Female Attitude’s busiest year for live shows and they dropped a further underground single with Matt Jam Lamont and BKT before taking a pause from releases to work on new collaborations with a number of UKG artists and their second album.